Sexual violence

Are you a victim of sexual violence? Victim Support Switzerland will help you deal with this traumatic experience, tell you about your rights and point you towards further support.

Titelbild - Sexual violence

Sexual violence or exploitation means that a person becomes sexually aroused or gives him- or herself sexual pleasure against the will of another person. Sexual violence is inappropriate sexual behaviour in which the intimate boundaries of the person affected are not respected. This can also involve being subjected to sexual acts by means of threats or violence.

Examples of sexual violence can be:

  • Sexual harassment or sexual assaults in a public space, at work or in the home,
  • Sexual abuse in childhood,
  • Sexual exploitation or rape,
  • Sexual abuse in the church environment,
  • Female genital mutilation.

Are you a victim of sexual violence? Are you not sure what to do next? Do you not know where to turn or who to talk to? Or has someone close to you been the victim of sexual violence, and you’d like to help? Victim Support Switzerland can help.

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What can Victim Support Switzerland do for you?

The professionals at Victim Support Switzerland can help you for example with the following:

  • They will listen as you tell them what has happened to you.
  • They will help you deal with this traumatic experience.
  • They will tell you about your rights.
  • They will help you decide what to do next – whether you want to bring charges, for example.
  • They will point you towards further support. This can include specialist medical assistance, a lawyer or psychological support, for example.

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